About the Artist

BA, Studio Art

Member, Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society
Member, Silicon Valley Open Studios

Instructor: Detati Art (www.detatiart.com)

Roberta Kiphuth

Artist & Teacher

Art has been part of my life from a very early age. Whether it was drawing, painting, photography or doing crafts, I have always loved the process and freedom of creating art. It has way of activating our senses, memories and emotions in a unique way, much like music. As artists we often use those senses, memories and emotions to create art — our way of being creative at a personal level.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.


I tend to work more abstract, focusing on creating visual balance and harmony that is pleasing to me. I am fascinated by what is not said in art and how it can pull us in by let us build our own stories about what we see and feel.

I believe that all of us has an artist within. We just need to find it. It may not be doing art or music, but there are many ways to tap into our creative side. It is important to keep this part of us alive — helping to create balance in our lives and the universe and being an artist in our own way.

If you are interested in art classes, workshops or private instruction, see Detati Art.